Branding, Logo, Collateral & Website Design Full Psychology offers high end technology in detecting and treating traumatic brain injury. Therefore, our goal was to reflect a sense of trust and innovation, while keeping a highly informative website in an easy to read and intuitive approach. First, we designed a logo that enables the [...]

South Beach Bubbles


Branding, packaging, and collateral design Designed Logo, Packaging, Tradeshow displays, Brochures and more to create a branding that celebrates outdoor fun. Supported branding with photography and design elements that enhance the concept of Outdoor. Family. Fun. Several banners for trade shows were done, reflecting the explosion of fun that this product is all [...]

Board of Tourism


Ad Campaign and Collateral for Board of Tourism Collateral work for travel and tourism agency. The goal was to bring the Bahamian waters to life in these series of ads and collateral work. By creating smooth collages juxtaposing the wonders of nature, in a surreal way, the viewer is almost inside these waters. [...]

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