Project Description

Branding, Logo, Collateral

How can a logo represent the essence of the profession of Psychotherapy?
After our initial meeting, I got a detailed perception of what psychotherapy is all about.
As a designer, the goal is to visually represent what she does and how she does it.
I chose bright and fresh colors to imply optimism and joy, representing that therapy will help you have a more gratifying life. The shapes are organic, and even in the collateral work such as business card, the shapes fly free, and come together to form the logo. Like a human being. We have different aspects, we have relationships, conflicts, we connect and disconnect. “In psychotherapy we integrate all aspects of a person. The relationships, the conflicts and we try to integrate all these aspects for a better adaptation to change, improve relationships, conflict resolution, and to have a more gratifying way of life”
Bonus: The shapes form an “I” for her name.
The result: A successful and well defined memorable logo that represents the essence of her work.

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